My name is Jackie Stein. I am a life coach, recovery life coach, financial recovery life coach, Certified BALM family recovery life coach, and Certified Optavia Health and Wellness coach, located in Western Maryland, but accessible the world over, thanks to Zoom. I provide general life coaching, recovery life coaching to those in recovery from alcoholism and addictions, both substance and process, financial recovery life coaching to anyone dealing with the financial wreckage of their past, BALM family recovery life coaching to family members of loved ones caught in the grip of substance or process addictions, and health & wellness coaching to those looking to transform their lives — one healthy habit at a time.

I spent the first 31 years of my working life as a lawyer and compliance officer, the last 27 years for a large financial services company. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to do something very different from working with large Corporate pension plans… I wanted to work with people, specifically, people looking for support.

I completed my Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling in 2016. While pursuing this degree, a series of circumstances led me to the conclusion that while those suffering from addiction have resources available to them, including rehabilitation facilities, the family members of those Loved Ones have limited resources. I decided that part of what I wanted to accomplish was to help those family members find their own recovery. And then, by Providence, I was introduced to the BALM family recovery program, created by Bev Buncher, the founder of Family Recovery Resources. I am now a firm believer that the BALM family recovery program and family recovery life coaching give families the best chance at recovery for both themselves and their Loved Ones.

In September of 2018, I began a health and wellness journey that taught me healthy habits and allowed me to get rid of 75 pounds in nine months.  I have maintained my weight for over a year and am coaching others in this incredible program of healthy weight, healthy hydration, health movement, healthy sleep, healthy mindset and healthy surroundings.