BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching

BALM Family Life Coaching is a specific process used with family members of Loved Ones who are or have been in the throes of addiction, regardless of the substance or process.  This type of coaching is for parents, siblings, adult children and friends. and can be utilized by up to four (4) individual members.

BALM stands for Be A Loving Mirror.  Through BALM coaching, which implements the program's 12 principles and 7 steps, a family can learn to not only heal itself, but also can learn how to be their Loved One's best chance at recovery.  Often, when a Loved One is consumed by addiction, the rest of the family engages in behaviors that seem to allow the family unit to continue, albeit in a dysfunctional way.  When the Loved One seeks treatment, the family also needs recovery to return to normal function.  If the family continues to operate in an unhealthy manner, the chances that a Loved One will relapse are significantly increased.

I would love the opportunity to help you find your inner strength and move ahead in your life.  Please feel free to contact me for an in-depth complementary session.

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