Jackie has coached me through a difficult period in my life. With her wisdom and guidance I have been able to move through that time and am now looking forward to my future. I have the courage now to make the changes to improve my life in a positive, constructive way and wonderful things are happening. Thank you Jackie! You’ve been a blessing to me.  — Beth K. —


I met Jackie while working on My Own Recovery. I  am the mother of a daughter with Substance Use Disorder.  I have learned that addiction is a Family Disease. Family Members need education and support. Fortunately,  I was introduced to the BALM Program AND to Jackie. Her compassion, knowledge, experience  and guidance have helped me practice lifelong skills that are contributing to a Healthy RECOVERY  for both my daughter and me.  Thank You Jackie!   — Beth D. —


My name is Janice Helena and I want to talk about my life coaching experience. I am in recovery and am managing a mood disorder with medication and varying degrees of success. I have always had problems with managing money and paying bills in a timely manner. In some ways, my emotions, my alcoholism and my mood disorder were tangled up and I could not follow any of the regular ways people corrected this problem. My gas was turned off and my house went into foreclosure, I could not afford to stay in my home state.  recently moved to another state after once again messing up my money. I was very discouraged. Various friends tried to help me without success.

I asked Jackie for help. I really wasn’t very hopeful but I was determined not to bring the same bad habits to my new life. Jackie was gentle and patient. I never felt judged or pressured. She explained things and encouraged me to try my own ideas. For the first time in a long time I received my whole check without bank penalties. My confidence is back and I am more hopeful for the future. Thanks Jackie.   –Janice H. —


Our son is in early recovery.   We hired Jackie to be his coach in March 2017 prior to him moving/transitioning to PA after 21 months of living in South Florida.  He was leaving a solid foundation and would have to establish a new job, living arrangement, and support for his continued recovery.  Jackie has been a key to his smooth move , forward movement and his continued increase of self esteem.  We are so glad our son agreed to having a coach and that we were referred to Jackie.  We will be renewing our contract!  — Stacey K. —